Administrative Professionals 18th September 2024
Administrative Professionals 18th September 2024

*All courses are run online via Teams or Zoom

Administrative Professionals 18th September 2024

Course times are 2pm to 4pm BST

Key features and services

Bluebeam Revu: Power Up Your Administrative Workflows (2-Hour Course)

Administrative professionals, are you ready to streamline your document workflows?

This focused 2-hour course is designed specifically for YOU. Unlike typical Bluebeam training geared towards design and construction, this session equips you with the essential tools to conquer your unique administrative tasks.

In this power-packed workshop, you'll master:

  • Document Mastery: Learn to combine, extract, and manipulate pages with ease, ensuring your documents are organized and efficient.
  • Confidentiality Champion: Discover redaction techniques to remove sensitive information quickly and securely.
  • Digital Signature Savvy: Gain the confidence to create and apply digital signatures for secure document validation.
  • Enhanced Organization: Master the art of updating page labels, applying headers and footers, and utilizing search functions for effortless document navigation.
  • Visual Communication: Leverage stamps and flagging tools to highlight critical document elements for clear communication.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Save valuable time by streamlining your document management processes.
  • Boost accuracy and efficiency with powerful manipulation and search functionalities.
  • Ensure document security through redaction and digital signatures.
  • Enhance communication clarity with visual tools for highlighting key information.

Take control of your administrative workflows